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Our mission is to create an inclusive parental leave culture

Inspired Beyond Babies is a professional parental leave network for men and women who want sparring and input during their leave. Since 2017 we have welcomed more than 2000 parents and babies at our events.

Om Inspired Beyond Babies

It all started as a volunteer project. Now, Inspired Beyond Babies is a nationwide network primarily offered as a staff benefit to employees on leave in a wide range of large, Danish companies, but it is also offered to private individuals.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a more inclusive parental leave culture where leave is recognized as a natural part of ones professional career and as a boost in competencies and skills. This enables gender equality, make parental leave more acknowledged and encourage men to take longer leave.

In collaboration with some of the largest companies in Denmark, we are able to establish the agenda on parental leave as being a career-advancing initiative.

Employees return
strengthened to work

Through key note speeches, workshops and knowledge sharing, our members gain inspiration and new insights that develops them both personally and professionally. The motivation to return to work increases and makes the transition from leave to work easier.

Create an inclusive
parental leave culture

Through partnerships with some of the largest companies in Denmark, we strengthen the employees’ sense of belonging to the workplace during their leave, where many feel excluded. Inclusion retains talents and creates diversity in the long run.

Inspiration and
role models

Through public debate, media exposure and publications, we create increased awareness of the opportunities and potential of parental leave rather than its limitations.

Meet our team

Anne Sophie Sehested Münster
Anne Sophie Sehested Münster
Founder & CEO

Phone: +45 5385 5351
E-mail: as@inspiredbeyondbabies.dk

Krista Bauer
Krista Bauer
Partner & Head of Communication

Phone: +45 3136 1694
E-mail: kb@inspiredbeyondbabies.dk

Ane Helth Louby
Ane Helth Louby
Network Manager

Phone: +45 2829 5254
E-mail: al@inspiredbeyondbabies.dk

Cecilia Blixen-Thiele
Cecilia Blixen-Thiele
Head of Sales & CFO

Phone: +45 2627 9927
E-mail: cb@inspiredbeyondbabies.dk

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