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Ensure a sustainable work-life-balance for your talents and remain competitive

We assist you in preparing a clear strategy for establishing a targeted and proven family and parental leave program, which will strengthen the retention and motivation of your talents.

We offer consultancy services based on know-how from some of the largest companies in Denmark, research studies as well as our own empirical and quantitative studies with more than 2000 parents on leave.

Our consulting package consists of:

Initial meeting where specific needs and challenges are identified

Input to internal surveys, which form the basis for the preparation of custom-made initiatives

Recommendations for a concrete action plan

A key note speech for the department or management team

Ongoing support of a total of 2 hours duration

Follow-up meeting and evaluation on implemented initiatives

DKK 20.000

Contact CEO & Founder Anne Sophie Münster to hear more about your options and we will tailor a package that matches your needs.


Book a keynote and get insights as how to retain your talents when they become parents.

Founder & CEO Anne Sophie Münster is an experienced keynote speaker and is considered to be one of Denamarks leading authority on subjects concerning parental leave and work-life-balance. With enthusiasm and humour, she delivers her points about how parental leave becomes an opportunity for growth for companies rather than a obstacle.

How to retain your talents and get them strengthened back to work

Some companies experience loosing up to 50% of their talents during parental leave.

That is costly! Not just in terms of financial results, but likewise in terms of knowledge, innovation and productivity.

At a time when everyone is struggling to retain and attract talents and ensure diversity at all levels, the implications of parental leave and starting a family has become evident.

But the benefits of parental leave are manifold and the opportunities for retention and talent development many companies miss to benefit from.

Your department or management team will get solid tools and knowledge on how to retain employees during parental leave and how to get them strengthened and motivated back to the work force.

Based on the latest research, studies and concrete examples from some of the leading companies in Denmark, you will get multiple ideas and inspiration for what you can do to support your employees in the best possible way when they start a family, and how to strengthen the connection to the workplace during leave.

Price: DKK 10.000,-

Career and family – a question of ‘both and’ instead of a ‘either or’

As a company, you can play a vital role in your employees’ ability to balance family and work life.

With minor low cost-high effect initiatives, you can create the optimal environment for your employees.

The result? Happier, more motivated employees, better results, increased bottom line.

This keynote gives you the tools and insights as to how companies can create a more nuanced and inclusive work culture in order to retain its talents, promote equality and achieve its objectives.

You will learn:

  • how to juggle family and work life, including parental leave
  • how to best support your employees before, during and after parental leave
  • the importance of flexibility
  • how parental leave and becoming a parent can be an asset for your company and employees
  • what other companies do in order to support their employees when becoming parents

Price: DKK 10.000,-

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